China’s shipbuilding leads the global market

Construcción naval China lidera el mercado global

Over time, the growth of maritime trade has demanded an increase in the production of ships, which is why its development has made the shipbuilding sector a lustrous and strategic industry that allows it to strengthen the development of the world economy.

Due to its cutting-edge technology, skilled personnel, and capital, Chinese shipbuilding continues to lead the market.

During the year 2022, China reached the largest share in the market, “collaborating with 47.3% of the world production of ships” (Xinhua Español, 2023).

Additionally, “it achieved advances in high-end ship models, starting the construction of its second large cruise ship and delivering the world’s first 100,000-ton smart aquaculture ship, as well as large container ships with a capacity of 24,000 TEU” (Spanish Español, 2023).


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