SBD was born from the need to provide personalized comprehensive solutions that adapt to the needs of each client, thus becoming leaders in quality logistics. Our infrastructures, processes and information systems guarantee operational excellence and the best possible quality of service. We have a presence in all the maritime and air lines that operate in the region and an integrated network of agents with vast experience and mastery of all aspects of the supply chain, ensuring the transport and correct logistics of our clients' goods.

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Our team is made up of professionals with long experience in the logistics sector, with local and international experience.

The global network of expert agents allows us to strengthen the quality of our specialized services.
Our state-of-the-art technology has become an integral part of our logistics process, thus allowing us to guarantee compliance with best practices in shipment management.

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Provide personalized solutions, promoting competitive strategies to import and export companies globally, which encourage their continuous growth and allow them to exceed their expectations.