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Servicios logísticos


At SBD we are recognized for being your strategic ally for logistics solutions and services. Our main focus is to guarantee all our clients their growth and economic development.



Comprehensive solutions
for the efficiency of your business

Our value chain allows us to offer comprehensive solutions within the competitive market that cover the entire logistics process, increasing the efficiency of our clients’ operations, both nationally and internationally.


How we help your business grow

Attention and personalized advice

We strengthen our relationship with the client by promoting excellence in service, by focusing on each of their specific needs.

Equipo ejecutivos de SBD
Recognized experience

We are constantly innovating and developing new solutions that respond to the needs of our clients, which is why we guarantee more efficient and competitive operations.

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Integral services

Our strategic vision allows us to cover all the import and export objectives of your company with complete and centralized solutions.


We provide
confidence and efficiency

to the sustainable growth of our clients, in each step of the logistics process.

- Omar Veras, General Manager

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